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‘Primatex’ company is already part of the laundry industry with more than 20 years of experience. During this time we have gained an excellent reputation by providing a quality service to our customers and high standards of care about the garments we take in charge.
As the time goes by, we have made sure to invest in the latest technology of processing equipment with an high standard service in order to achieve more than five thousand (5000) to six thousand (6000) pair of different clothing like jeans, all kinds of pant’s fabrics, tops, t-shirts, dresses etc.
As a laundryman or chemist, works Mr. Kanello Kristuli, with over 30 years of experience in this field in different factories inside and outside the country, including: Poland, Bulgaria, Greece, Romania and Albania. He’s specialized in all kinds of fabric’s washing, treatments and dyes.
Beside all of these, we have invested in creating a dedicated team, who leads a unique purpose, to guarantee the best quality and service to our costumers.


‘Primatex’ company has 9 big washers divided in 3 groups:

– The first group includes washing machines which are used for specific treatments with a limited number of production.
– In the second group you can find the washing machines that are used for every kind of dyeing such as direct dyeing, reactive dyeing, cold dyeing etc.
– In the third group you can find washing machines that are used for enzyme washing, stone washing and whitening.

In a structural level the ‘Primatex’ company divides its services in 4 wards:

The scraping ward


The scraping ward includes scraping mannequines for pants and t-shirts and also all the processing tools.

The spray ward


The spray ward includes the spray cabin with its mannequins for pants and t-shirts and all the processing tools.

The sample ward

Washing machine

The sample ward includes small washing machines which produces the first samples before the process starts and their dryers.

The laundry ward

Washng machine

The laundry ward or the processing includes big washing machines, their dryers and the stove if it’s needed.

Clothing Lab

To make sure that your imported clothes looks like new when they’re exposed in window shops, we offer you the clothing lab, where we take care of every process such as washing, labeling, dyeing, ironing and removing odors.

The process

Every washing process has few steps such as the development, the laboratory, the scraping, spray, detergents, washing and so on until the end of the process.

Washng machine

We love the environment

We use the most high quality brands in Europe for our clothes. All the products are ecologic and we take care of the environment by not using harsh chemicals. Some of them are: CHT or ex BEZEMA, based in Switzerland, NEARCHIMICHA based in Italy etc.

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